Designing solutions to complex problems, every day

McLauthlin Technologies, LLC is owned and operated by Andrew McLauthlin and has ties to many other technology experts.

It is a multi-faceted business, doing consulting work in fields like computer hardware, software solutions, databases, optimization, and automation. Available also for freelance programming work on contract or retainer.

Recent Projects have included specialty programming on the Raspberry Pi featuring both video-capture based projects and wireless information capture projects, GPGPU programming to solve "embarassingly parallel" problems in real-time, high speed real-time automation software, and database redesign and redeployment to replace an aging system.

Hosting Solutions can be provided for your business, starting as low as $25 per year! I can host websites, email, or even just a file server. The hosting solution is backed by modern deployments of PhP, MySQL, cPanel, WordPress, and other leading technologies.

Let me help you reach the market you desire!